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Matthias Sitte

Just another physicist enthusiastic about Linux and FOSS

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About Matthias

My name is Matthias Sitte and I am a 31-year old postdoctoral researcher in the group of Allan MacDonald at the Center for Complex Quantum Systems at The University of Texas at Austin. One of the goals of this website is to present myself and my work, so one of the topics of this site is Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Aside from my personal pages there is a blog, where I post all kinds of news and articles I find interesting.

I am working as an editor of freiesMagazin, a German Linux magazine that is published monthly at no charge. Its focus is on all topics related to the Linux and Open Source world, and delivers a number of interesting articles and reviews each month.

Personally, I am an average guy who tries to live a decent, calm and peaceful life together with my wife Karin and our daughter Marie. I enjoy the small and beautiful things in life, and I am not really a big fan of noise, action and stress.