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Matthias Sitte and Karin Everschor-Sitte

About the Webpage

This is the third incarnation of our website. We have recently migrated our website from Wordpress to static pages using Jekyll. So far we are quite happy with the transition as we found out how resource-heavy Wordpress can be. We like simple and clean HTML, and the way how WYSIWYG editors make it really hard to see what content is really being generated has made us skeptic about the whole Wordpress approach to our website. The whole theme and plugin system of Wordpress is confusing when it comes to creating child themes so that you can customize the layout of the website. Finally, the whole administration of Wordpress for a small website is a huge and complicated process. We got security updates all the time, and dumping the whole MySQL database just to create a simple backup seems overkill after some time. And whenever we went in to edit the website, we were always afraid that we would change something inadvertently and have no idea what happened.


So when we learned about Jekyll, it seemed like a great alternative. The idea that our entire website/blog is a set of static files is a huge win. Besides its simplicity, it makes backups so much easier using Git and avoids most common security concerns caused by running dynamic websites. We can write posts in Markdown, and Jekyll allows for code examples to be very nicely embedded in the website. Finally, Jekyll is very lightweight and allows for very minimal websites without any bloat. Perfect for a small website.

Minimal Mistakes Theme

So, Jekyll is pretty nice and easy-to-use, but we wanted a clean, concise website theme which doesn’t distract the reader too much. We found such a theme on the website Made Mistakes which has released a couple of Jekyll themes. This website is using a modified version of the Minimal Mistakes theme which is a responsive Jekyll theme with large featured images and solid typography.